Kyra Galván

Kyra Galvan

Kyra Galván has a Masters In Literature by the Colegio de Morelos and a B.A. in Economy from UNAM. In 1980, she won the Elías Nandino Award for Youn Poets with the poetry collection Un pequeño moretón en la piel de nadie. In 1989 she published a second book of poetry, Alabanza Escribo. She lived in London from 1900 until 1999. Her third book, Netzahualcoyotol recorre las islas, about the experience of exile, was published in 1997. Meanwhile, she was a frequent contributor for El Universal newspaper, writing about culture and literature. In 2010, a collection of her poetry was published by Cal y Arena under the title Incadescente. This was followed in 2011 by another poetry book, Espejo Celestial, and in 2013 by Jeroglífico, published by Ediciones el Fósforo. Artificios del duelo, her most personal collection, was also published in late 2013. Her two most recent titles are Anatomía de la escritura, published by UAM in 2018, and La cuestión más palpitante, in 202. Her poetry has been included in several national and international anthologies.a por la UNAM.